Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back in Benin

Hello everyone. As you can see it's been quite some time since I have last written. The new Peace Corps Volunteers sworn in September and then a few days later, I left for the states. I spent about 10 days home then I left for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for about two weeks. I wanted to stay longer but things weren't planned the way I hoped them to go. Home was good. Home was home. It was rather cold so I found myself staying home most of the time. I should have spent more time with my friends. I didn't even go out to eat too much. I didn't have any serious cravings. I did eat some sushi, Subway, Ruby Tuesdays, drank margaritas, caribbean and chinese food, and a ceasar salad. Those were my biggest cravings. I got to watch some American football. Now THAT was nice. Let's see how far those RAVENS go this year....I went to Walmart to stock up on food items that NO ONE cares to really send me during my toughest times over here....I bought some Nature Valley trailmix bars. They are DELICIOUS!! I ate a whole box before they even got back to Benin. I have come to realize that NutriGrain bars aren't very good anymore. WAY to sweet for me. Too processed... I REALLY need an IPOD. I regret not buying the small pink one I saw when I was home. I want to use it to work out at the gym. Maybe I'll get a surprise in the mail.....just maybe..... I also was able to make it to uncle's fiance's bridal shower. It was beautiful. They got married after I got back to Benin though. I really wanted to make it to the wedding. At least I got to spend some time with them and to catch up before I left. I wish them well.

Brazil was AMAZING!! I wish I spent time outside of Rio. I had so much to do in Rio that I was okay. It's soooo beautiful there. The beaches, the people, the landscapes....everything. And yes the bikinis ARE quite small. The food was delicious. The portions were huge!!! I didn't speak any Portuguese but the people were really helpful. It was also different being in a place where to be black was somewhat exotic. The Brazilian look is very diverse. Their complexions range from cream to dark chocolate. There hair ranges from straight to thick and curly. I was often mistaken as Brazilian!!! Can you believe that?! It was quite beautiful seeing that and I would love to make it back there again. I am even considering moving there for awhile one day in my life. We'll see. Here's a link to a nice photo I took while I was in Brazil. Check it out!

So now the fun is over and I'm back in burning hot Benin. No complaints though. I love it here. Doing this third and last year in Benin is going to be amazing. I love my new house and neighbors, work is finally picking up since I've been back, and the holidays are coming up so I plan on doing something nice next month. Well here's my update for now. I hope you continue to keep following my stories and comment if you'd like. It's nice to know that somebody out there is reading up on my experiences.

To be continued....


Kristen said...

I'm still so freaking upset that the package I sent you never made it - yeah I know it was like 2 years ago, but still, it makes me sad :-(

If I ever get some extra cash together I'll try to send another, but being in school full time and no job = no $ :-(

I love reading your blog and seeing your pics, I'm so jealous of all the travel and awesome work you are doing! I'm so proud of you and all your hard work, I don't think I could do what you're doing! Keep up the awesome work! :-)

*Brownie Kiss* said...

Hi Satin!

I loved reading this entry and others about your experience in the Peace Corps and all the travel you get to do! For some reason, I thought you were no longer in the Peace Corps since it's been a while since you started. I am still considering going into the Peace Corps. I have been considering it for a while now and it's something I would really love to do but I think I'm scared of the unknown. Haha. I hope I can get to talk to you someday about your experience and maybe you can give me some advice, yeah?

P.S I still haven't seen you mention Nigeria in any of your travels....or have you?.....haha