Monday, June 9, 2008

What lasting memories can I make before I leave??

As time is crunching down with only three weeks left in the states, some intense anxiety along with excitement comes over me. I have come to realization that I won't be going home to visit while in the Peace Corps, unless I get a sponsor from home. So as of right now I'm trying to live my life to the fullest here before I leave. I'll be back before I know it. I leave tomorrow morning to Seattle, Washington to see my aunt who has been my biggest inspiration! She had nothing coming up yet she worked hard for the success she has achieved. She is a vice president at a community college. Although she has a great career, she always had time for her niece. I can't wait to see her! We're supposed to be checking out Canada too! I've never been to Seattle or Canada so I'm hoping to see some nice mountains. Just last night I came from NYC. Don't you just love Time Square at night? I'll be a great dream I'll have in my slumbers while being in Benin.

Right now I'm just trying to cherish the small things you know. Stop to smell a rose. Close my eyes and open my arms to a cool breeze each day. Eat chocolate. Travel. Hug and talk to my grandma. Tell my mom that I love her and will miss her nagging. The great thing about my aunt is that she always believes that I'll be successful. At one time she lost a little faith when I fell behind in college. She is soooooo happy that I'm joining the Peace Corps and she is the ONLY one in my family who understood my reasons for going. She also was the ONLY one in my family who understood my reasons for going to college out of state. To experience new perspectives. The fact that she works at a college not only helps her to understand to my dreams as a graduate student wanting to pursue a masters in student affairs, but my aunt who always had something in common with me. It's been years since I've sat down with her and talked about my future. I'm not a teenager anymore and although it's been years, I want to have a closer bond with her at this critical time in my life. I look forward to her advice about graduate school. Enjoy time with your family at take all the advice you can get. I think those are the best memories.