Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I hope all is well at home. I have an urgent that one of my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers asked of me. She is working on a Girls Camp here and I have seen first hand how hard they have been working on this project. I even sold them mosquito nets for the girls so they don't get torn up overnight during the camp and to protect them from malaria :-) If you have ANY money, 10 bucks, 100 bucks, whatever to give towards this project, please go to the link below and donate something ASAP. The link provides more information about the camp. I can tell you first hand that the girls are very excited about the camp and take all the sessions seriously. Gender empowernment here is VERY needed and oppourtunities like this only come once in a lifetime for these girls here. Please give what you can. You will feel so AWESOME about yourself when you do. Trust me. Encourage others as well. Thanks everybody!