Monday, March 30, 2009

What's new?

Things are going okay. I had a program in my village about HIV/AIDS awareness. I think I mentioned I was going to have an event in an earlier blog. It went very well. Over 200 people showed up. Most have not heard about the virus so the information was well received. There was a pretest on what the participants knew about the virus before the program was started. They didn't know very much. Many thought you could get HIV/AIDS through mosquito bites. Some though kissing can pass the virus. Some though the virus was in condoms. So there was a lot to talk about. A woman who lives with the virus came to the village to talk about her experience. Also we had a condom demonstration and had a series of films about HIV/AIDS in Fon. Lots of questions were asked and many people took the matter very seriously after hearing about it. So it was good work. Today I will be heading up north for a training on moringa planting. We will be starting a moringa garden in my village and the women are interested in using the plant in their cooking for malnutrition recuperation. So things are going really well. It's good to finally be working. Things here go so slow but when it goes, a lot can be accomplished. Also, I went to the Gender and Development dinner and auction. It was very fun. And all money raised went to a good cause.

Burkina Faso was great. I met up with a volunteer I went to college with. It's good to see she's doing well. She plans on extending her service too! What else is new. I am a little homesick. I miss my friends and family. I spoke to my mother last week and I miss her a lot now. I haven't been gone this long from her. But I think it's normal to miss mommy every now and then. You only get one. I am still upset with my folks though. They should make more effort to try and keep in touch. I can probably count on one hand how many times I have spoken to my folks since I have been here. It's kinda pitiful. Also if you wanted to know I am also still single and me and my ex finance never worked it out. Oh well. Sh*t happens. Also, I dyed my hair. It's a good look. I will put a picture up when I can. I also was selected to be a trainer for the next group of volunteers coming in July. Exciting right?! I can't wait to meet them. That's all for now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Work in my village

Me in my village after a health formation. Images are the best way to get messages through to people with language and educational barriers. They were very happy with the program and wanted to take a picture with the drawings.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am now single once again. WHY?? Because HE is a workaholic. I mean a REAL workaholic. When you tell your fiance that you were in a moto accident AND robbed and he doesnt call you back because he's too tired from work....we have a f*cking problem. Excuse my french. But that isn't all. Everything with him is about money and you can never compensate not being there in exchange for gifts, money, furniture, clothes, ect. All of it is nice but that's just not my style. He can have it all back and I'd rather be with the guy in my village who lives in a mud hut without anything else but at least I would know that he gives a sh*t about me. Not even a phone call on Valentine's day. AFTER I reminded him. I even called him the day I decided to give the ring back at his job but he didn't pick up the phone. I called him three times in a row. I asked the manager if I could use his cell to call him and guess what. He picks up on the FIRST ring! WHAT THE HELL!!!!

SOOOOOOOO what do I do?? I drop the ring off and made the decision that it would just get worse later on down the road. As fast as I got engaed, it ended just as rapid. Life in Benin....What a ride indeed!

On a good note, I am in Burkina Faso for the African film festival. It is awesome!! The bus ride was 22 hours long. And my body wants to sweat but the air here is so dry I can't. But other than that the country is gorgeous and I am having a great time with the other volunteers!!