Sunday, July 4, 2010

The ride continues.

So what has been happening. I'm still here in Benin and things are still going well. I constantly feel like my Attention Defecit Disorder only pops up around quarterly report time. It's due tomorrow. So I decided to write on my blog instead:) Work will get done trust me. I mean how long have I been here already? I've done lots of quarterly reports and turned them in. Time in my village in winding down. My home will not be replaced and I'm crushed about it. It's such a beautiful village and it's so peaceful there. Security regulations won't allow me to be replaced because my house is not in a closed in concession with a neighbors house attached. I still have people nearby though. I can fart and they'd yell to ask if i'm okay... It's really unfortunate and my village doesn't know yet. They know I'll still be in Benin for another year but they don't know that they are not getting another health volunteer in my village. My boss is currently looking at other options in the nearby area but it's nothing like what we have now.

I'm going to Brazil! Well I'm almost sure I am if Peace Corps doesn't change their mind and decide they are not going to fly me there for my home leave. I got authorization but I'm nervous that they'll decide "actually, nope..." I plan to go there for about two weeks, fly home from Rio and stay there for three weeks, and do a 5 day layover in France before returning to Benin. France might be pushing it, but we'll see what happens. If I don't go then I'll definitely get there another time. I just feel like doing my own thing. I keep hearing wonderful things about Brazil so I decided, "Why not?" I need to brush up on my Portugease though. Just the stuff that can get me by. I'm pretty good with picking that stuff up. Here's my list of phrases I want to know.

Thank You-Obrigiado (know that already!)
Where's the bathroom.
Excuse me.
Could you please help me?
red wine/beer/club
Check please.
Where is a good and inexpensive place to (eat, go dancing, ect.)
It's beautiful but no thank you (vendors..)
That's too expensive.
How much?
Good night.
Good morning.
This place is beautiful/fun.
I'm so happy/excited to be here.
You are hot!
You are gorgeous!
I can't. I have a boyfriend. But you are hot/gorgeous :)

Let me know if I forgot anything else really important. I think I can pretty much get by with this.

What else is new? This weekend we had a Fourth of July party at the Ambassadors house. It was AWESOME! The music was great too. I was dancing with the Ambassador's wife. She's really amazing. There were sliders, beef kabobs, quiche, grilled corn, mini pizzas. They even open their house pool to American citizens on Saturdays. 

I've been working out. Like seriously working out. I run or do cardio three times a week, and I've been on a diet. I do crunches everyday. It's soooo hard to diet here though. The food is not very healthy in my village and when I come to Cotonou, there are way too many temptations. Like tonight there is a fourth of July potluck. Yesterday was a dinner over an RPCV's house with her husband, and the day before that was the party at the Ambassadors. I will have gained all the weight I lost BACK from THIS WEEKEND alone. I'm upset about it, but I still want to enjoy myself. When I move to Cotonou it'll be different. I'll have a membership at the gym here and things will be different since I have access to healthy foods to buy and cook at home. Eggplant casserole, soy stir-fry, and stews are a few ideas I have. That's all I have till next time.