Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little sad

One of my favorite photos.

Okay. So I'm beginning to feel a little homesick. I think it's because of the Christmas holiday. A lot of volunteers made trips back home to visit family, plus many parents are coming here to visit. On another note, I'm pretty exhausted after IST (In Service Training) and hanging out with my friends. Lots of information was jam paked into two weeks. My lugguge bags are full to the max and I regret bringing so many clothes to the training. I wanted to show off all my cool clothes. Now it's kicking my butt. Imagine riding a moto through the bush with a huge luggage bag on the front, a backpack that's about to tip you off the back of the moto, and two bags of Xmas gifts and groceries. This will be interesting in the next couple of hours. But i'll get back to post and be happy to see everyone in my village again.

I really am happy to see everybody in my health sector again. Some came ALL the way from up north. I'm happy to hear that everybody is doing great and loving their posts. In my training, I have learned how to start a latrine building project, and I also have some information for who to contact for small grants. I am very excited about really getting to work on some projects. It was kind of depressing to look in my mailbox and find little mail. Especially around the holidays. Most of my friends were getting lots of Christmas, I miss you, and thinking about you packages. So I have been a little sad about it. Okay really sad. But not ungrateful because I have received a few packages from friends earlier. But it sucks to not hear from family. I think that is what is beginning to get to me. I have become a vulture standing around people who get packages in hopes that they will share whatever they may have. What kind of sicko have I become???

On another note, I saw my host family during IST and they were very surprised. My friend who volunteers up north gave me some Wagasi (cheese), and I gave it to my family. They were very happy about it. Wagasi is GREAT cheese!! Some great things I got to do over the last two weeks during training and being with friends included clubbing, CHEESEBURGERS, ICE, Indian food, tailored clothes, and Northen Wagasi!! I had a blast! Maybe that's also why I'm a little sad. Everyone is leaving back to post today. I don't really have too much else to say other than I miss my friends, I'm a little disappointed about my mail situation, but thanks to everyone that kicked in because it meant a lot to me, and that I'm doing okay.